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About Us

Since 2010

HNP Marketing is an exporting company that was started in 2010 with the view of increasing value and control in the export chain. From initially only operating as Grower Exporters, we now do the marketing and exporting for a number of external farms as well.

Brand Values

The Core of HNP Marketing.


A brand quality stays the same even when times change.


Excellence requires constant adaptation, innovation and vigilance. It speaks to the value and importance of the process which manifests in a well-coordinated strategy.


We understand the importance of swift action in the perishable product market.


We believe in the quality of being trustworthy & performing consistently well.


We fully understand and accept the responsibility of managing our producers’ products.

Company Value

Dedicated to Growth!

Adding Value

To be a trusted fresh produce exporter that adds value to our customers and producers through excellent service, innovative strategy and transparent communication.

Value Adding Solutions

Export of Perishable Products

Logistic solutions

With our trade partner, GSS Logistics, we offer transport solutions from our producers’ packhouses to the harbours or local clients in South Africa.

Excellent Service

Our administration office ensures accurate and timely payments. Communication is vital.

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Gert Smit: Managing Director
+2782 040 0224

Cristie Jonker: Accounts
+2776 413 4942

Christine Gosling: Marketing
+2782 825 0178

Marina van der Merwe: Logistics
+2771 892 9435